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2019-2020 Sectional Results Team Champion Girls:  New Paltz Team Champion Boys:  New Paltz Individual Champions:  Wells Willet and Amelia St. John:  New Paltz Earned Sectional medals for Girls -Amelia St. John-NP/Lake Willett-NP/Lily Zaborowski-NP/Eliza Shands-NP/Natalee Watts- NP/Madison Tremper-Wallkill Earned Sectional medals for the Boys:  Wells Willett-NP/Diego Schillaci-NP/Kevin Metzger- NP/Alexei Temidis/Carl Schroer-NP/Hawke Kosofsky-NP/Grergory Marcinik-Wallkill/ Riley Corzine-NP/Luke martini-Wallkill/Antonio Foti-Wallkill/Jordan Marwin-Wallkill/Josh Clinton- NP-Wallkill ___________________________________________________________________________ State Team: Boys:  Wells Willett-NP/Diego Schillaci-NP/Kevin Metzger-NP/Hawke Kosofsky-NP/Alexei Temidis-Wallkill/ Gregory Marcinik-Wallkill/ Alternate-Riley Corzine Girls:  Amelia St. John-NP/Lake Willett-NP/ Lily Zaborowski-NP/ Eliza Shands-NP/ Aracely Watson-NP/ Madison Tremper-Wallkill/Alternate:  Natalee Watts State Results for Section 9 Boys 10K Skate at Harriet Hollister:  Diego Schilliac-NP-13th/  Wells Willett-NP-15th/Kevin Metzger-NP-35th/Alexei Temidis-Wallkill-41st/Gregory Marcinik-Wallkill-42nd/Hawke Kosofsky-NP-48th Girls 7.5K Skate at Harriet Hollister:  Amelia St. John-NP-13th/Lake Willett-NP-38th/ Lily Zaborowski-NP-41st/ Eliza Shands-NP-43rd/ Aracely Watson-NP-44th/ Madison Tremper- Wallkill-47th Boys 3 x 3 K Classic Relay at Bristol: New Paltz Team:  9th - Wells, Kevin, and Diego Intersectional Team:  14th-Alexei-Wallkill/Riley-NP/Hawke-NP Girls 3 x 3 K Classic Relay at Bristol: New Paltz Team: 14th- Amelia, Lily, and Lake Intersectional Team:  16th  Madison-Wallkill/Aracely-NP/ Eliza-NP