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Girls Lacrosse

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Rules website: where you can find the new rules video and rule book on line.
Division I (CLASS A) (1060 and up) 1. NFA (Var.) 2. Monroe-Woodbury (Var & JV)  3. Middletown (Var. & JV) 4. Kingston (Var. & JV) 5. Pine Bush (Var. & JV) Division II (Class B) (1059-775) 1. Valley Central (Var. & JV) 2.     Warwick (Var & JV) 3. Minisink (Var & JV) 4. FDR (Var) 5.    Cornwall (Var)  6. Washingtonville(Var&JV)       Division III (Class C)                    (774 -465) 1. High/Marlboro (Var.) 2. Goshen (Var&JV) 3 Saugerties (Var & JV) 4. Red Hook (Var) 5. New Paltz (Var & JV)   Division IV (Class D) (464 and Down) 1. O’Neill (Var)  2. Burke (Var & JV)         3. Millbrook (Var)
Girls’ Lacrosse 2021 Section 9 Tournament Important Season Dates: Coaches/Rules Interpretation Meeting:  April 22, 2021 Time: 6:30 (virtual) Season Starts:  April 19th 2021 Games Begin:  April 26th 2021 Last game: On June 3rd Teams that don’t qualify for the top 4 can continue to play up until June 8th. Seeding Meeting:  June 4th 2021- All Point Cards need to be in by 2:00 pm to Wendy (  Leslie ( Seeding Meeting: Please e-mail your point cards to Wendy Crandall and Leslie Ahlborn 2:00 pm June 4th. Please include cell numbers so that we can contact you. Please have your point cards properly filled out.  Your AD can help you if needed. Maximum of 16 games. 4 Team Class Bracket- based on point cards will qualify *Semi Finals- June 8th (higher seed host) Class A-  Tuesday- June 8th Class C-  Tuesday- June 8th Class B- Wednesday- June 9th  *Finals: June 9th / 10th , 11th (higher seed host) Class D-  Wednesday June 9th Class A-  Thursday-June 10th Class C - Thursday-June 10th Class B- Friday June 11th