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Eligibility Contact Information:

Mr. Tom Cassata, Eligibility Chairperson Red Hook Central School 103 West Market Street Red Hook, NY  12571 Phone:  (845) 758-2241 ext. 18800     Fax:  (845) 758-9444 Email: tcassata@rhcsd.org

Section IX Eligibility Committee:

Tom Cassata - tcassata@rhcsd.org Tom Cunningham - thomascunningham@hpcsd.org Michael Bellarosa - michael.bellarosa@vcsdny.org Mike Kroemer - kroemerm@cornwallschools.com
General Transfer Info: (These are general guidelines from the NYSPHSAA Website.  Cases are handled on a case by case basis.) TRANSFER (Standard #30) Students are eligible if: 1. Transferred with a corresponding change of residence of his/her parent (or whom they have resided with for at least six months), and 2. The residency change involved a move from one school district to another. 3. Student who returns from any school to the public school district of their residence or the private school within that district’s boundaries shall be exempt from the Transfer Rule. Such a transfer, without penalty, will only be permitted once in a high school career. Students are ineligible if: 1. Transferred without a corresponding change in residency of his/her parent (or whom they have resided with for at least six moths), and 2. If participated in a sport during the one year period immediately preceding the transfer, they are ineligible to particpate in that particular sport for a period of one year.
International Students: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT (Standard #9) Students are eligible if: 1. Has not graduated from the school system in their home country, and 2. If the host family is not the Athletic Director or member of the School District’s coaching staff, and 3. Has not reached the age of 19 prior to July 1, and 4. Has not participated in the sport at a level equal to or greater than our high school sports program, and 5. No evidence of enrollment for athletic purposes, and host family is not the AD or a member of District coaching staff. 6. See Transfer Rule  
Eligibility Notes: HOME SCHOOL STUDENT: (Commissioner Regulation - Bona Fide Student) Students are NOT eligible under any circumstance because: 1. Not a Bona Fide Student in your district, and 2. Not on the official attendance roster of the secondary school they wish to represent. DURATION OF COMPETITION - Standard #8: Students are eligible for: 1. Four consecutive seasons of a sport beginning with entry into 9th grade and prior to graduation, and NOTE: Five consecutive seasons of a sport in high school athletic competition beginning with entry into 8th grade, and six consecutive seasons of a sport in high school athletic competition commencing with entry into the 7th grade. 2. Until a student reaches their 19th birthday, and 3. If their birthday is on or after July 1, the student may continue to participate for the entire school year.